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Layaway Terms:

Layaway is available upon request on orders over $500. Layaway items are Non-Refundable. The item(s) will NOT ship until the final payment has been made. Layaway can not be combined with any coupons or special offers.

How it works:

You will receive an invoice where you are allowed to make payments as often as you wish for 60 days. The initial payment required is 25% of the total purchase. After the initial payment the bill must be PAID IN FULL with in 60 days. If the Invoice has not been paid in full by the due date our cancellation fee takes affect (see below)

Cancellation Fee:
You can cancel at anytime and we will refund your payments minus a 20% fee of the total invoice. (example is total order was $1000 the fee would be $200 and we would refund any remaining balance you paid)